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updated August 13, 1998

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   music masters studio news

MINDTRAP has produced CD's with us. They should be in stores and the web soon. Just look for the color "Green." ...LYNN ZIMMER with BOOTS RANDOLPH recorded with us live in the Ozarks and is mixing for a CD release...JIM MANLEYand at least 30 different musicians in every style of music from St. Louis and beyond are collaborating on a new wacked-out contemporary jazz Christmas CD to be entitled "Unwrapped." If you have the nerve, buy the new release around the end of October. It should be free if you can listen to it more than once ...Full-time software engineer VENKY hired us to do some final mixing, mastering and CD duplication of a contemporary India-flavored dance project in two languages...TERRY DONLEY is recording a solo project...CORE mastered and released their EP called "Vision of What's to Come."...DR. WU of Effingham, IL had us master and dupe their Rock & Soul Revue EP entitled "Fingerpoppin'"...ROBYN RAGLAND recorded a tune for the show Dawson's Creek ...STUBBLEFIELD is mixing for their second CD release ...JOHNNY MAGNET have finished their project for CD release entitled, "Still Life with a Strap-on" due in about six weeks ...PENNSYLVANIA SLIM came in and recorded a live-to-two-track project ...GRANDPA'S GHOST continues to record their third, fourth and fifth CD project. The first release will be "The Kiss."...Internationally-acclaimed pianist ALDO MANCINELLI was in recording classical pieces on a nine foot Steinway rental. Next, he's off to continue recording in Prague, then off to mix in London. What a life! ...ROSA STRING WORKS BAND have completed their 2nd CD, entitled "Heavenly Music"...JOHN McCLELLAN and KIRK HANSER, are ever so near completion of their classical guitar project. Genius takes time. A release is due in early fall ...ONE FELL SWOOP has been recording, and have now regained their bass player. We assume they'll continue for a while. ...BUTCHWAX AND THE HOLLYWOODS second project is available now. ...The RX BLUES band of Highland, IL is continuing to record. ...The GAS HOUSE GANG are still in, recording 3 more complete CD projects, and will continue to do so. If the last one took 2.4 years, when will they be finished? ...7 DAYS from Columbia have finished their new CD called "Eleven Hill in the Rolling Fog." Release due in about six weeks ...Bob Baker of the unfortunately defunct Spotlight Magazine, has finished a new CD project to be released any day with his group, ROOMFUL OF JIMMYS ...JIM WHETZEL recorded a demo of Mountain Dulcimer tunes ...CHARLES CALLAHAN, organist premier is performing on another live Pete Derensky recorded project for the Wicks Organ Company ...Upstart country rockers ASHTRAY recorded their new EP "Jessie" and are set to release soon ...LONGSHOT mastered their home-brewed recording for CD "More Trees Than Traffic" for release soon ...BLUE MUSE is mastering ...DENISE THIMES had us master a live recording of swingin' jazz for a CD release entitled "Singapore Nights"...EXPANDED SOUND is working on a new CD of their golf routine ...ST. MARGARET OF SCOTLAND CHOIR began recording another CD project...

Update from May 16, 1998

KATIE McMAHON, the principal lead vocalist in Riverdance tracked seven new songs for an up-coming release entitled "After The Morning" on Paradigm Records...We mastered a JOHN PIZZARELLI TRIO project. John on a seven-string guitar (most don't even use six), Ray Kennedy on piano and Martin Pizzarelli on bass...STUBBLEFIELD is mixing for their second CD release...JOHNNY MAGNET has finished recording and mixing and are mastering...From Brazil, one of the premier classical guitarists, PAULO BELLINATTI has just completed a project...DAVE VENN released a CD, mixed and mastered here...GRANDPA'S GHOST have started recording their third, fourth and fifth CD project, 16 analog locked to hard-drive, hmmm...ADAM DELMONTE guitarist extremo from California is recording a project...RICH SIMMONS is recording some new demo material...ROSA STRING WORKS have completed their 2nd CD...JOHN McCLELLAN and KIRK HANSER, a mighty classical duo has been in recording. A release is due in early summer...SWEET FELLOWSHIP has just completed recording their first CD project due soon...2 TNE NEXT STAGE WITH STYLE, completed recording and mixing a CD...ONE FELL SWOOP has been recording, but now has lost their bass player. We assume it will be a while till they get up and running again...BUTCHWAX AND THE HOLLYWOODS are mixing for their second CD release...Another project for ROY ST. JOHN AND THE KDHX MORNING SHOW BAND has been completed and is out...We remastered a project by Irish Harpist, KIM ROBERTSON...The RX BLUES band is in recording...Wash U. groups, THE GREENLEAFS and MOSAIC WHISPERS are recording new projects...BEPPE GAMBETTA, Italian guitarist, has recorded a new project...And Italian mandolinist CARLO AONZO recorded a project as well but good thing Beppe was around to help with English. Carlo had only been in the U.S. for one week. I'll bet I couldn't speak as much Italian in a month!...The GAS HOUSE GANG are in recording 3 more complete CD projects. If the last one took 2.4 years, when will they be finished?...7 DAYS from Columbia has recorded and mixed. Release expected soon...


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