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 Tidbits - As of late...

January thru ?...2009

Dick Hyman and Ken Peplowski mastering and project "E Pluribus Duo."

Mandy Berry recorded with Travis and Max.

Larry Johnson mastering and project "Circles."

The Sheldon Concert Hall produced product entitled "Jazz For The Birds" for Cardinals Care.

Alex Rybeck recorded a couple of songs with Steve Schenkel, Rick Vise, Abbie Hainz and Geoffrey Wright.

Paul Brown remaster old project from eons ago.

'Amu Uso mastering and project. "The Dirt Men Do."

The Michael Terry Group mixes and mastering from their basement studio, "Bighead Baby"

Larry Johnson recording his first solo project on Victoria Records with the Two Times True group ( Carolbeth, piano and David, drums with Glen Smith on bass) with the addition of Joe Weber, drums and Marc Torlina, bass and Brian "Wakada" Simms on guitar. And, you can throw in a little Jim Manley, trumpet, Jim Owens, trombone and piano.

Paul Brown and the Killing Devils mastering and project "The Wizards Dawn."

Bill Bay recording two separate projects over many months.

Tabasco Flowers mastering and project "Unrest."

Ken Liiszewski recorded after not having been here in what, ten years?

Ed Rohan came in to record with his new group The Ed Rohan Band. That makes sense?

The St. Louis Stompers were also back doing another recording. Ah, the timeing of it all. What happened to Bobby?

Jim Manley trio recording some tunage.

Joanna Bailey recorded a project. Boy oh boy was counting important.

Red Lehr minus the long time partnership with Jean Kittrell back with two revised groups. The new "St. Louis Rivermen" and the "Powerhouse Five." This would be like the 12th or so recording over the years.

Still more Paul Brown and the Killing Devils overs.


Gary Dammer came back to finish his project he started two years before. Yea!

Lots more Paul Brown and the Killing Devils overs and mixing. Complete in February sometime.

April / November...2008

Spent most of May, June and July on a secret project that can't be discussed!

Paul Brown and the Killing Devils recording new tracks for upcoming project.

John Ellis and Lisa Warner up from Dallas recording a new project called "Slow Town." Really incredible songs. Lisa, vocals, John, guitars, Bob Briedenbach, lap steel and dobro, Geoff Seitz, fiddle, Fred Gumar, drums, Vince Corkery, bass, Todd Luerding, accordion.

St. Louis Banjo Club way too many banjos at one time.

Jim Manley overdubs, mixing and mastering latest project entitled, "EIGHT." Players include; Joe Weber on drums, Zeb Briskovich on bass, John Pyatt on piano, Travis Mattison on guitar, Greg Trampe on organ, Frank Goessler and Dan Smith on lead trumpets, Jim Owens on trombone, Larry Johnson and Larry Smith on tenor sax, Jason Swagler and Rob Nuget on alto sax, and of course Jim Manley on insane screaming trumpet. Release date in November.

Shelley Davis and Bill Watkins recorded a new project. (Peace Pals)

John Alsop finished his project.


January / March...2008

Ernie Isley back in after working on Janet Jacksons latest release for more of his own material.

Cornet Chop Suey back to induce more pain and anguish.

Joshua recorded and mixed a project.

More John Alsop and friends.

Mastered two projects for the Missouri Dept. of Conservation. Thanks Dan Zarlenga.

Starting another blazing new Jim Manley project. This time an eight piece band tracked live in the studio. Ouch!

Mastering old recordings for a dual piano, double cd release on Ralph Sutton and Dave McKenna called "To Sunnie with Love".


October / December...2007

SLIK recorded more tunes...then mixes.

After departing with "Alson, Grossie and Halley" John Alsop recording a solo project. Of course Grossie and Halley are part of the process.

Jim Owens and Brett Stamps started a duo trombone jazz project on Victoria Records entitled "Bad To The Bone." The always unbelievable Miles Vandiver on drums, Zeb Briskovich on bass, Reggie Thomas on piano and Rick Haydon on guitar. Now that it's April of 08 it's done and out in a few weeks.

I produced a project on Terry Aden 28 years ago at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. I went down to transfer the 2" analog tapes to Pro Tools and I will be re-mixing these tracks for a re-release probably around July. Thanks to Mike Wilson, engineer for the gooey transfer. He did his engineering time at Webster University in St. Louis and ended up at Ardent. I ended up working in Studio C where most of the recording was done. Very strange feeling. Personnel on this project include: John Hampton, drummer and 2nd engineer. Now chief engineer at Ardent Some of his credits - White Stripes, Robert Cray, The Replacements, Travis Tritt, The Gin Blossoms, B. B. King, ZZ Top, The Vaughn Brothers, Little Texas. Mike Brignardello, bass guitar. Now one of Nashvilles elite bassists - Some of his credits - Rascal Flatts, Trace Adkins, Lonestar, Toby Keith, Gretchen Wilson, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Wynonna Judd, Peter Cetera, Travis Tritt, Kenny Rogers, Randy Travis, Martina McBride, Giant and Clink Black. Jack Holder, electric guitar. Now a producer and engineer at Sounds Unreel recording studio in Memphis, Credits include: guitarist with Black Oak Arkansas for a couple of years, Tracy Chapman, Traviss Tritt, Johnny Lang. Joe Hardy, chief engineer. Living I hear, on an island somewhere, still recording music which may or may not be true. Some of his credits: Steve Earle, ZZ Top, DeGarmo and Key, Tanya Tucker, Mark Chesnutt. Additional personnel include: Ed DeGarmo, Ken Turner, Howard McNatt, Larry Johnson, Ned Davis, John Grindstaff, Leo LeBlanc, Marty McReynolds and Beverly Baxter.


August / September...2007

Ed Rohan recorded and mixed. Ready for production.

Mixing the 18 piece big band Ambassadors of Swing.

The Poor People of Paris recording their 3rd project. Elsie Parker on vocals and sax, Wayne Coniglio on string bass, bone and trumpet, Mike Carosello on piano and keys and Allen Schilling on drums.


June / July...2007

Frank Vignola "Vignola plays Gershwin" topped the charts at #2. 12 weeks and still counting. Yeah!

CarolBeth True and her son David True tracking a new CD project with Mark Torlina and Glen Smith splitting the duty on Bass, Todd Mosby on Guitar, and Larry Johnson on Sax. Fun stuff!

More Ambassadors of Swing tracking. Ready to edit and mix.

Paul Brown and the Killing Devils started tracking for a new CD project.

Mastered Starlifter

The St. Louis Irish Arts in to track for their 5th project down the road.


April / May...2007

Frank Vignola "Vignola plays Gershwin" hit #2 on JazzWeek jazz charts May 21, 2007. 5 weeks on so far. He's scheduled to record a second project with us in the fall of this year. Congrats Frank!

Dave Troncoso the bass miester of chords recorded a project as leader. Demarius Hicks on drums, Tom Rickard on vibes and Chuck Hoover on piano. Thanks Dean C.

Dean Christopher horn overdubs, mixing and mastering.

Mastered Dr. Dave Majchrzak new ragtime project called "Animal Chrackers."

Ambassadors of Swing in recording a new big band project.

Starlifter "unplugged" recorded and mixed. Thanks David!

Leanne Latuda tons of overdubs and mixing in-house.


February / March...2007

Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen recording and mixing another project. They might as well move in. We'd never run out of jokes, that's for sure.

Mastered a project by Gary Perez that he recorded at his own studio. Great job!

Edited and mastered John Pisano "Guitar Nights".

Leanne Latuda came in and recorded a project with Mike Tiefenbrun and Joe Weber as hires. Overdubs to follow soon.

Paul Brown recorded and mixed a new solo song.

Dean Christopher the vocalizing comedic mystro recorded a new project with Joe Dryer on piano, Dave Troncoso on bass, Kevin Gianino on drums. Horns and mixing to follow.

The trumpet of Gary Dammer with the drums of Kevin Gianino, the bass of Tom Kennedy and the piano of CarolBeth True. Nothin' wrong with that. Recorded about half of a project. Coming back for more.

Deanna Hansen finished piano vocal tunes. Time to mix.



Deanna Hansen recording a new project about Drury College in Springfield, MO.

Collin Bay recorded and mixed a project.

Jimmy Emmanuel and friends recorded and mixed a few.

Marge Myers - Mastering

Ben Bolt - Mastering

Council - Mastering


October / November / December...2006

Tom Vincent produced the Midwest Woodwind Quintet and the Lincoln Land Brass Quintet for a new project.

Ed Rohan more recording and mixing.

Bill Bay recording new project.

SLIK back in to re-record "Never Been Any Reason" Head East's big hit into "Save My Life" (I'm Going down for the last Time). It's a great heavy version.


August / September...2006

The drummer for Head East for the last probably 7 or so years, Mike Messey recorded a newly penned song entitled "We Will Be Together". I guess we go back at least 17 years or so from the band "In L.A.". His new band SLIK includes band mates Matt Arana, guitarist for Mesh, Moderndayzero and Deep Six. Dave Farver, lead vocalist, keyboardist and sax for Sun Sawed In 1/2, Elmonstero and Deep Six.

The Saint Louis Irish Arts are recording and mixing their 4th CD project with us. It's truly a pleasure; Niall, Eileen, Helen, P.J., and crew.

Finishing mixes on Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen.

Finished recording Jim Manley's "Splendor in the Brass II" with special guest Bucky Pizzarelli. This is the longest on-going project for us in our history. Mostly due to scheduling issues. With the passing of the one and only, Maynard Ferguson, as the recording was nearing the end, Jim wrote and recorded one final song as a dedication "For Maynard". The project is now in the mixing process! Just a high note... Maynard would call Jim every Christmas after listening to his warped "Christmas Un-wrapped" CD and tell him how much he enjoyed it! That's cool, being recognized over and over by "the best trumpet player that ever lived".

Recorded, mixed and mastered, By The Well a Christian rock band. Thanks Justin.

Mastered Blues legend Bennie Smith, considered the "Dean of electric blues guitarists" the week of his passing. We were very happy to be a part of his last recording. (Sept. 10, 2006)

Mastered The Ray Kennedy Trio, with special guest Howard Alden recorded back in January? "The Songs of Cole Porter".

From CA, we mastered The Jenkins/Brown Quintet "The Philly Sessions, Vol 1". We're happy to receive business from either coast.

Mastered the solo piano of Zola Van "Song for my Father". Another project is already in the works.


June / July...2006

The guitar playing of Frank Vignola graced our studio for a CD release of Gershwin tunes with Joe Ascione on drums. Others on the project were Tom Kennedy on bass and Corey Christiansen on guitar. Mixes upcoming.

Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen were in for the umpteenth time for two more cd projects. Jean Kittrell on piano of course, Red Lehr on tuba, Bobby Grimm on tenor banjo, Noel Kaletsky playing clarinet and sop. sax, Steve Lilley on cornet, Jim Maihack on trombone, and the infamous most normal outdoors canoe dude Jack Tartar on drums.

Recorded back in April, we mixed and mastered Bill Kanengiser, don't know the project title as of yet.

Mixed and mastered a live recording from the Sheldon Auditorium of Tommy Emmanuel with Stephen Bennett for a DVD to be released soon.

Recorded an original John Norment jazz project back in 2004. The project was never put out because of his untimely death. It's going to be heard which is a very good thing. Mixes will be starting soon so we'll post info when it's completed. John Norment on sax, Willem Humbach on bass, Lawrence Fields on piano, and Gerome Harris on drums.

Mixing a project for Angel O'Brien from Branson, who used to live here and recorded back in 2003 with Mary Ann Schulte, piano - Don Franz, tuba - Joe Thompson, trombone - Bill Mason, cornet - Drums and Banjo (not sure who). We will hear about it!


April / May...2006

The reggae pop sounds of Ashaka mixing and mastering for an upcoming release.

Amy Jo Sawyer recorded a Jazz accordion project with Miles Vandiver on drums and Rick Haydon on guitar, Zeb Briscovich on bass. Also playing were Mike Karpowicz on Alto Sax and Flute, and Jerry Bolen on Latin Percussion.

Mixed and mastered a live recording of John Abercrombie and Andy LaVerne.

Mixed and mastered Cornet Chop Suey "Drum Boogie" traditional jazz with charts!

Former St. Louisan, now a Los Angelesan (that can't be right) Kenny Tomlin "Compassion" mastered for his CD release.

Gateway City Big Band - are finished recording. Starting mixes.

Four Star Brass - started recording their second cd project.

Union Musical - recording their second project, but used to be "Union Tropical".

Dennis LaRue brought in his "Yesser" group. Recorded live in the studio.

Mastered KDHX radios compilation CD "Live at KDHX: Volume 4". Great job recording and mixing in the station folks!

Recorded Bill Kanengiser, a member of the Grammy-winning ensemble LAGQ or The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, for a DVD release. We'll be mixing and mastering soon.


February / March...2006

Dave Venn and Rob Block mastering.

Cornet Chop Suey - Mixing and mastering.

Taynka - Recording vocals and mixing.

Recorded the group Flanagan Jack with John Singleton producing. Great songs y'all.


January / February...2006

Dave Venn (Piano) and Rob Block (Guitar) - mixing.

Cornet Chop Suey - a blend of personalities to be sure are recording a new project.

Carolyn Flood - from the St. Louis Irish Arts recorded some demos.

Jim Manley - overdubbing more for the longest in history "Splender II" project. Bucky Pizzarelli who plays on 5 or 6 songs has completed 3 cd projects in the same time.

Mixing the Ray Kennedy Quartet, project. Tom Kennedy on bass, Miles Vandiver on drums and Howard Alden on guitar.

Speaking of Howard Alden...Mixing and mastering a recorded live at The Smithsonian Jazz Cafe' in Washington, DC project. On board is Rob Garcia on drums and John Burr on bass.

Mastering the Joe Diorio Trio for DVD with Jim Plank on drums and Bob Magnusson on bass.

Jeff Potter recording and mixing a new project.

Paul Brown - mastered his up-coming "Red Spider" cd.



Corey Christiansen and Bill Bay - recording lots.

Samantha Oberkfell - recorded demos.

Mary Sparks - mastering.

The Mourning After - mastering.

Recorded original Jazz material with Victor Goines (Clarinet) and Don Vappie (Guitar). Thanks Jennifer from the Sheldon Auditorium.

Dave Venn (Piano) and Rob Block (Guitar) - recording a new CD for Victoria Records.



Jim Muir - recorded and mixed a dedication for their drummer. A fine song.

Mixing a live recording featuring Vic Juris and Corey Christiansen.

Recorded and mixed a project for Jeff Saunders.

Peter Shenkman recorded a piano solo project.



Ed Rohan - recorded and mixed.

Paul Brown - finished recording and mixing. Off to the mastering and duplication world. Look for his up-coming self titled "Red Spider" cd.

Gateway City Big Band - are spreading out their recording project because of membership. Trying to get 20 or so musicians in on the same day is tough. Mixing already started in house.

Eden Productions - recorded and mixed some new material with Bob Dill and Georgy Rock on hand.

Corey Christiansen and Bill Bay - recording a few new projects.

Monty Luke - started recording tracks for a new project.

Kit McGrath - recorded a few more solos to finish her project.

Jim Manley - overdubbed for the never ending "Splender II" project.


Stephen Bennett - A past, first-place winner of the National Flatpicking Championship in Winfield , Kansas came in to record, mix and master for DVD. He played his incredible "Harp-guitar" which was great to record. He also recorded his National and regular boring 6 string. This guy is a monster! Check him out on our "links" page.

Samantha Oberkfell, finished her CD entitled "Jiggle The Handle."

'N Praise, cranked out some tunes while our parking lot was being sealed. It was a lovely aroma.

Paul Brown, finished overdubs and is now ready to mix! Yeah sure.

Leisl Schoenberger, finished her CD "Say Old Man."


Jazz guitar great Randy Johnston, mixes for DVD release recorded live somewhere in New York.

Samantha Oberkfell, overdubs (Including Mike in the wilderness Tiefenbrun on acoustic kay baby bass) and mixing.

Paul Brown, tracking more songs.

Leisl Schoenberger, mixing and mastering.

Phoebe Claggett, tracking new material.

John Foley, overdubbing vocals.


Luke Manion, mastered a solo project of originals for a new CD, "Echoes of the Masquerade" to be out soon.

Mixed - The St. Louis Stompers, mastering soon.

Paul Brown, tracking new songs, again and again, but no Tennis. Inside joke.

Leisl Schoenberger (Fiddle), tracking and mixing a project with Dave Montgomery (Guitar), Mike Taggert (Bass), and Gary Hunt (Mandolin/Guitar).

The Saint Louis Irish Arts, Naill Gannon, heading up the award winning group, tracking for their 4th CD project.

Samantha Oberkfell, tracking a new CD project with, Lloyd from Huston. Hammered dulcimer, Mountain dulcimer, Fiddle, Banjo, and Guitar.

The Quartet of Corey Christiansen (Guitar), Per Danielsson (Piano), Christian Fabian (Bass) and Danny Gottlieb (Drums). Danny was the founding member of The Pat Methany Group. 3 live Jazz video projects. Mixing audio live to 2 track...fun. Thanks a bunch Doug!

Paul Laubengayer, mastering piano tunes.

Ed Rohan, recording more new material.


Gateway City Big Band, starting on a new project, a few at a time.

Recorded and mastered "FASTER..." by Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen.

Recorded a fourth or fifth project with - The St. Louis Stompers

Ed Rohan, recorded new material.

Kit McGrath, recorded a solo piano project.


Mike Scavatto drummer for "REUNION" jazz band, brought in some live recordings done last year at BBs. Editing and mixing for their yearly gig.

Alan Oxenhandler started a new project. It started as a few songs. Now there's forty three.

The Ray Kennedy Quartet, with brother Tom Kennedy on bass and Miles Vandiver on drums, with Howard Alden on guitar recorded their own project. Should be mixing next monthish.

Jim Manley started horn parts on the project with Bucky Pizzarelli, "Splendor II". He plays so many gigs and we've been booked like crazy, so this job probably won't get done this year.

Paul Brown, re-working some old songs and recording some new for a double CD by the end of the year.



Pianist Ray Kennedy, veteran of The John Pizzarelli Trio with brother Tom Kennedy on bass and Miles Vandiver on drums recorded two CD projects simultaneously for vocalist, Sherry Drake and clarinetist, Scott Alberici. Two well delivered projects.

Alsop, Grossi and Halle recording a solo artist project as the core group for Missy Nobel who has recorded with them on past projects.

The Matrix, (Ricky Martin, Liz Phair, Avril Lavigne, etc...) yes the Scott Spocktacular production team from C.A. called on us to provide overnight overdubs for an artist in development, Lindsay Pagano.

Ernie Isley, guitarist for the famed, Isley Brothers, is working on a solo project. Really nice custom Fender Stratocasters. Thanks Mike!

Bucky Pizzarelli came in from N.Y. and recorded guitar tracks for a second Jim Manley edition CD "Splendor in the Brass II." Will probably get done sometime in late 2005.

George Portz, fiddle teacher of many, recorded a second CD.

Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen, recorded four CD projects in the past 5 months.

Harvest, recorded and mastered a double CD project including a "live" CD remaster.

Philip Wesley, recorded and mastered a solo piano project.

Alsop, Grossi and Halle recording their third CD. Every project is a fresh departure from formality. Keep it up!

NARAS (The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) The Grammy folks. Music Masters hosted a clinic at the studio with re-mix engineer Maurice Joshua (M1). Joshua illustrated his remixing magic with Curtis Mayfield's '70s soul classic "(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go" and Destiny's Child's new single "Lose My Breath." Hennessy played the original versions of both songs and the remixes to show how a completely different flavor was achieved without losing the overall essence of the original.

Putting his personal touch on a record usually involves live instruments in the studio and the help of Morrison and Hennessy. Morrison will help him compose a track and Hennessy will complete the track by making it audibly crisp. Joshua said he used a live string section for Destiny's Child's "Say My Name" and always uses a live bass and guitar player on tracks.

He has worked with artists such as Mariah Carey, N'Sync, Kelly Price, Yolanda Adams, and Destiny's Child. Joshua won a GRAMMY Award this year for Best Remixed Recording of Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love" featuring Jay-Z. Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé's father and the force behind much of her solo and group success, recently became Joshua's manager. For more information, go to... http://www.grammy.com/memphis.aspx

John Norment, with Willem Humbach on bass, Lawrence Fields on piano, and Gerome Harris on drums, recorded an original jazz project for release soon.

Georgy Rock and Bob Dill, recorded a very unique collection of tunes comprising friends and many play-mates. Great to have you with us Georgy.

Leo Reiser, recorded a solo piano project in like, 2 hours.

Harvest finished their 5th or 6th project. We've lost count!

Johnnie Johnson (Rock and Roll Hall of Famer) has been recording a solo project for about a year now. His road schedule is still pretty tough for someone who's played 12 Trillion or so notes. It's been tough co-ordinating other contributing artists schedules as well, the likes of...Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Hornsby, Johnny Rivers and John Sebastian. But it's all coming together and we're starting mixes now.

Dr. Bucky Pizzarelli ... You can now call him "Doctor." The doctor of seven string guitar. Victoria Records has produced his umpteenth CD project entitled "Doctor Swing." Also from Victoria comes two "live" recordings we mastered from the late Ralph Sutton. From the career of the late Jerry Cherry, some of the best bass solo tracks from all of his CD's compiled as "Up Cherry Street."

The Stringtown String Band recorded loads of songs, including "Mr. Spaceman" one of my favorites. They will be mixing soon.

The Sentimental Journey Big Band recorded and mixed for their second. That's a lot of work! Punching solos in the middle of a section. Lots of fun.

Augusta Bottoms Consort are mixing their third CD project. We re-mastered their first recording as well.

Alsop, Grossi and Halle are recording their second project. The home-made Harmony acoustic/electric bass is real cool. Even with the volume pot from an old alarm clock.

Zola Van, solo pianist recorded her first with us