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Prices on brochures and advertising are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include tape stock unless otherwise specified. Prices to be charged shall be the prices in force at date of invoicing. Transportation of tape and equipment to and from Music Masters shall be at customers' risk and expense.

All work is accepted on a C.O.D. basis unless other arrangements have been made in advance and have been listed on the invoice. A deposit of 50% down may be required to hold recording studio time. A credit will be issued but deposits are not refundable in case of no show. Payment shall be by cash or check. We do not accept credit cards. Overdue accounts will be subject to interest charges of 2% per month. The customer agrees to pay all costs and expenses including legal fees incurred by Music Masters in connection with the collection of amounts owing to Music Masters. Any claims for adjustments in connection with an invoice must be presented to Music Masters in writing within ten days from the date of the invoice in question. Customer hereby waives any claim for adjustment in billing which is not timely presented according to the provisions of this paragraph.

The Customer is responsible for time and services booked and is not entitled to any extensions of the scheduled time without the approval of the senior Music Masters staff member on duty. Bookings are two hour minimum, with quarter hour increments thereafter, and/or a $25.00 minimum charge for any other services. Block rates are for 15 hours or more, used within a calendar week. If a block was agreed upon and customer fails to book within that period, the hourly rate will apply. If time is not available on Music Masters schedule and alternate times need to be booked out-side of the calendar week, block rates will still apply. Music Masters reserves the right to refuse recording services to anyone.

Cancellation, of any work or service ordered will be charged a minimum of $150.00, if notice is not given' prior to 48 hours before scheduled start of recording session.

Music Masters will use its best efforts to ensure that all equipment will be in working condition. Should time be lost due to equipment failure, Music Masters agrees to credit the customer for that portion of the time for which the use of equipment was denied, or should the customer so request, Music Masters will furnish the equipment for an additional period equal to the time lost due to equipment failure, subject to Music Masters obligations to other customers. Except for such obligation, Music Masters shall have no further liability in connection with such defective equipment. Any substantial damage incurred to equipment or the facility caused by customer, accidental or wilful, shall be charged to customer at replacement value. Any miscellaneous charges incurred by Music Masters after the completion of customers session shall be billed; long distance phone, musicians, etc.

The Customer shall expect the studio piano to be in reasonable tune for their project. However, since tuning is very objective, the customer may make arrangements to have a tuning technician of their choice tune prior to their session. We will also provide tuning services prior to the booked session for a fee of $75.00. The customer may also make arrangements to have their own piano brought in and tuned. Studio time will be charged accordinally for delivery and setup.

Mastering is a process done not only to national standards, but also to different standards of taste. Knowledge of our room, monitoring system and formatting standards, are the essential ingredients of this process.

There are no rental charges for anything contained in the facility, except for drums. Because of the expected wear on drum heads and possible damage to cymbals, a fee of $50.00 per day shall be charged. Any outside rental of equipment shall be at the sole discretion and responsibility of the customer.

The customer shall indemnify and save Music Masters harmless of and from all suits, claims, demands, and other liabilities and expenses, including legal fees and disbursements arising out of the production, distribution or exhibition of any films, tapes, or phonograph records or equivalent in connection with which Music Masters shall have furnished any goods and services.

Materials stored on the premises are done so at the customers own risk. Materials left two years after completion of last booked session become sole property of Music Masters. Materials can only be removed by our client/customer, which is the person who booked the time.

Music Masters warrants that it will take every precaution for the safety of clients' materials and or equipment in production or storage, however Music Masters assumes no risks and makes no guarantees unless such loss or damage is caused by the wilful negligence of Music Masters or any of its employees acting within the scope of their authority. In no event, however, shall Music Masters be liable for any equipment and for more than the replacement value of the unrecorded tape or any other unprocessed materials. In no event shall Music Masters be responsible for any loss incurred by its customer as a direct or indirect result or consequence of any of the foregoing. Music Masters assumes no risks and makes no guarantees concerning the content of materials prepared for customers or delivery schedules, arrival times or air-dates of materials prepared for customers. All risks for content and delivery are assumed by and are solely those of the customer. Music Masters shall not insure any of customer's materials while in the possession of Music Masters or while in transit.

In consideration of Music Masters performing work for the customer, Music Masters shall have a lien on all customers' tapes, cassettes, and other materials and on all tapes and cassettes made from them until full payment for any due and outstanding accounts is received. Music Masters is and shall be entitled to sell, lease, or otherwise dispense of any tape or other property upon which such lien is granted in its absolute and unfettered discretion upon giving 30 days notice in writing to the customer of its intention to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the tape or property. Such written notice is duly given to the customer if sent by prepaid registered mail to the customer's last known mailing address. In disposing of the tape or other property referred to in the preceding paragraph, Music Masters shall not be required to obtain the best price available. Upon disposing of the tape or other property, Music Masters shall retain from the proceeds an amount equal to the amount owing to it together with all costs of the disposition and the balance, if any, shall be paid by Music Masters to the customer. The customer has the right, at any time previous to the actual disposition of the tape or other property, to discharge the lien, by paying to Music Masters the amount claimed in the notice of disposition, and all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Music Masters as a result of the customer's failure to comply with the terms of this agreement.

Each term of the Recording - Terms, Conditions & Policies is severable from every other and shall survive the nullity or unenforceability of the other.

These terms and conditions can only be modified by an instrument in writing signed by an authorized representative of Music Masters.

These Recording - Terms, Conditions & Policies and the written instrument signed by the customer constitute the entire agreement between the customer and Music Masters, and no evidence of any oral agreement or representation whatsoever be admitted to vary, modify, waive, or add to any or all terms of this agreement.