After a little while they take them off the air for whatever reason and then try again 5 years later.

Here's the deal...If the stations don't play original music, the people won't patronize bars with original music. There aren't many original music clubs because radio won't play original music. The stations are sometimes held captive by the big corporate monsters in New York City that control what's played because of this or that survey. And of course, the advertisers control the corporate monsters.

If the radio stations and clubs don't include some slots for original bands and artists, the major record labels and publishing companies simply write off St. Louis as a non-interesting musical cow community that doesn't support its artists. It's generally better for them to just go somewhere else where it's easier to find some cool original music.

By law, broadcasters are required to administer the public airwaves in such a way that "serves the community interest." Yet obviously, they provide way less than 1% of airtime to local music.

The solution to this is simple. Don't listen. Don't support the advertisers on any stations that don't play originals. (Don't buy a stinkin' thing!) Don't forget to call them every so often to complain. Don't forget to tell them who your favorite local original band is and how to get their CD. Don't forget to stop by and complain to their face. Don't forget to tell them that you usually got to bed between 10:30 and 12:00. Don't forget to write to the corporate monster in New York City.

I'm lucky. I crave music of all kinds. I get to hear great original material in the studio most every day, whether I'm recording, producing, playing or mastering. The sad part is, you will probably never have the chance to listen to the vast majority because the radio won't play it.

KDHX fm 88.1 (non-commercial radio) and folks, should be commended for the job they have done. The donated efforts of so many to play local music is truly astonishing. The only trouble is they play so much variety, at so many different times of the day, many listeners have a hard time knowing when to tune in, also the reception isn't the greatest. Support. Please.

I would also like to recommend 550-KTRS (talk radio) on Thursdays from 10-11 am. John Carney does a show with bands from around the area. It's talk, music from CD, and some live performing. More information on page four. Support. Please.

Commercial music radio will play what you ask for, but they have to guess what you want (or take phone surveys). So call and tell them. The circle must be broken. Complain. Please.

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