The Studio...

This is a recording studio open twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Most working musicians get up between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm and will have breakfast about 3:00 pm. The rest of the musician populus out there get up and go to their normal jobs during the day, then play on weekend nights. Almost every one of them wants to book time at 7:00 pm on Monday through Thursday, or days during the weekend. Sometimes scheduling becomes quite interesting. With all of the digital phones, answering machines, voice mail, internet, etc., used by big business today, it is almost impossible to speak to a real person. And if you have a question that requires a prompt response, forget it! But at Music Masters, someone is always here to answer the phones during business hours, and we do not have voice mail! I realize that, for most people, their project is the realization of a lifelong dream, and it should be a pleasant, stress-free experience. As Traffic Manager, I need to make sure you have enough time scheduled even though you don't know how long you will need. I work very hard to meet your scheduling needs (It can be tricky to maintain a relaxed atmosphere while keeping the creativity flowing!). I have to make sure that our engineers have fresh ears and have gotten enough sleep before your project! I really enjoy my job and look forward to meeting all of the creative people that this industry holds. I make sure that your personal experiences will be remembered for a lifetime. Music Masters has many clients who keep coming back time after time, and that is the best compliment anyone could receive. It is rare these days to have a job that you love. I feel very lucky to be part of such a cool business.

 The Manufacturing...

Scanning is not part of the artwork! Typesetting is free, but song lyrics aren't included! Mastering will cost more if the CD is longer than 22 minutes. Did I forget to mention that shipping is extra and CDs are really heavy! - - In the past, some of you out there probably heard some similar statements. Those are only a few of the things that had me totally frustrated with the process. In response to concerns expressed by many of our studio clients, and after a full year of market research, Music Masters became a manufacturer. I discovered that our competitors' price lists were so confusing that I couldn't determine what their bottom-line prices were. You have my personal guarantee that this won't happen to you at Music Masters. You won't have to worry if you have five photos that you would really like to have on your project; I won't charge you for any more than one. And because we have our own in-house designers, you can have input throughout the entire process, which would cost you big bucks elsewhere. Many of our customers tell horror stories about their experiences with mega CD manufacturers. They were made to feel like their project was unimportant, and they felt lucky if they even got a return phone call. One client recently mentioned that he was going to use an out-of-town manufacturer because he thought he could save money. After a close inspection of the very confusing rate card (probably with a magnifying glass) he realized that - A: Those fine-print costs really add up; and B: If anything were to go wrong with the job, he'd have to fly to New Jersey to straighten it out! Well, needless to say, Music Masters got his job because - A: Music Masters has the best prices ­ Period (no fine print, because everything's included!); B: If there are any questions regarding his project, Music Masters is only a few minutes away!; and C: The normal turnaround time has been within three weeks, and always within six weeks.


The best part of being your own manufacturer, is being able to control the quality and consistency of the final product. I like that.

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