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BELLA WOLF recorded and mixed for an EP release to be shopped to the majors, with Edward Ibur - Drums & Perc; Jim Ibur - Guitar; Brandy Johnson - Vocal & Rhythm guitar; Tony Zerbolio - Bass; and Mira Tanna - Violin...THE KENNEDY BROTHERS manufactured a CD project called "I'll Remember April." Ray and Tom Kennedy were joined by Todd Strait on Drums. The job was created by the executive production team of Bill Becker (Victoria Productions) and Richard McDonnell (Max Productions)...THE KEN KASE GROUP recorded a five-song EP entitled "Extended Play - No Waiting." On Guitar & Vocal, Ken Kase; Bass, Brian Hayes; Drums, Paul Hoga; Guitar, Steve Dodge; and Keyboards, Greg Berg...HIPPIE CRACK GASTANK produced self-titled CDs... MOSAIC WHISPERS recording another project for CD and cassette production...Jazz Clarinetist LYNN ZIMMER mastered and manufactured CDs and cassettes entitled, "Strike Up The Band" for Hawk Productions...JOHNNY MAGNET is recording basic tracks...GNAW manufactured discs...ANGEL SAINT MICHEL made a 3-song demo...From the Springfield area, the RIVER RAMBLERS mastered and produced CDs and cassettes called "Let the Big Dogs Run"...DUANE SHOALS recorded an R&B/hip-hop demo...The HAL LEONARD CORPORATION with Robert Ray, produced a gospel demo...COLONY, after the recording sessions and the production of three CDs with us, finally have their first MCA nationally recorded & released CD out called "Siren." Let's wish them the best...THE LONESOME POLECATS, Linda (where's the font) Ritterbusch, Sky Shipley and Johanna Shipley, recorded and manufactured their first CD entitled "Unscented." Sitting in was Margaret Shipley on the Appalachian Dulcimer; Marcia Whelan on Flute & Whistle; and Frank Shipley on Guitar...Bob Baker was back to master and produce The 5th annual RMS '97 (St. Louis Regional Music Showcase Compilation) double CD...LORI DIEFENBACHER came back for her fourth recording project. It's called "Wild Things Are Welcome Here." This go-around we're manufacturing CDs and cassettes too...RICH O'DONNELL manufactured CDs on a project called "Machu Picchu: Sacred Light"...BERNIE LEVINE was back in the studio for several more recording projects. We wish he wouldn't be so serious all the time...MARGE MYERS is back for her third project entitled "I Believe In Angels"...RON WALLS made a soundtrack for a vocal demo...ONE FELL SWOOP has moved to the manufacturing stage for their new CD entitled "Look Out"...BILL LYNN archived cassette stuff...the Washington University AMATEURS are in the mixing stage of their upcoming project called "The Little Blue CD"...David Clevenger of FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE was in to master...THE JAZZ INCREDIBLES Jean (Keep your feet on the floor) Kittrell on Piano; (She really knows how to throw a birthday bash!), John (Fast Frets) Becker on Banjo; & Red (If you can put up with his jokes) Lehr recorded and manufactured a new CD entitled "An Incredible Draw"...KEN LISZEWSKI came back to us and produced more publishing demos...Manufacturing CDs called "Free Dirt," FREE DIRT...BRAD EISENBERG and JON KRIVITZKY recorded music for a movie soundtrack...THE KONNAROCK CRITTERS produced CDs and cassettes for Marimac Records called "Cornbread and Sweetpeas"...TOM SANTAMBROGIO was in editing more dance tracks...RANDY MAYFIELD brought in another project for cassette duplication for The Caring Program For Children entitled "A Decade Of Caring"...POST-NUCLEAR TRASH mastered and manufactured CDs for their second project called "13 Horses"...RACHEL BRENGARTNER recorded a country vocal demo...THE POOR PEOPLE OF PARIS, Elsie Parker on Vocals, Clarinet & Flute; Donita Bauer on Synthesizer, Piano, & Background Vocals recorded and manufactured a new CD entitled "Elle Se Souvient" with the _ever-witty Stan Fornaszewski playing additional percussion in French...THE COLLEGE SCHOOL ORFF ENSEMBLE recorded and manufactured a CD...DIRECT CONNECTION, an a capella quartet featuring Roger Wright, Carrol Rea, Allen Perry and Joe Pillow, recorded and manufactured a CD entitled "Direct To You"...PREMONITION recorded and manufactured a self-titled CD with Freddy Kudelka, Vocals & Guitar; Joe Basuel, Guitar & Background Vocals; Sam Kamphoefner, Bass & Background Vocals; and Casey Ashby, Drums...The Woodgate Productions recording of THE WATANABE DUO live at The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, features Haruka Watanabe, Violin; Ayako Watanabe, Harp; with John Romeri, Organ. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD we manufactured for them, benefits the Organ Restoration Fund for the cathedral...FORT ZUMWALT SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL (Dir. Gary Brandes) recorded on location their Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble and Woodwind Ensemble and brought in the Jazz Band to record and manufacture a self-titled CD...Roy Christell and LIVING LORD LUTHERAN CHURCH recorded and manufactured a project entitled "Prays Twice"...ED FOGEL has re-issued three past projects on CD... BEASLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL's 5th Grade Chorus recorded a project titled "Put Your Hand In My Hand"...ST. LOUIS METRO SINGERS recorded and manufactured a new project, featuring THE AMBASSADORS OF SWING (Dir. Larry Charpiot), entitled "Montage." Stephen Morton and Marty Renner-Hughes were at the helm. They also recorded The Star-Spangled Banner and the Lord's Prayer for the radio whilst in the mood. They were able to squeeze 97 people into our studio which is designed to hold 60...Willie McCowin and DOUBLETAKE recorded pre-production demos...TOM KELLY manufactured CDs entitled "Reflections"...JIM HENRY as producer asks, "How fast can a person play "Lady Of Spain?" Rick Zelle knows! Speaking of Jim Henry, for once THE GAS HOUSE GANG has not been recording at the time of a newsletter, they have however re-ordered CDs and cassettes numerous times...DAWN BAKER recorded a vocal demo...KATIE GARNER recorded a gig demo...Dan Neves of ACTS, INC. brought in a recording project with THE NPM CONVENTION CHOIR, which was directed by Paul Salamunovich...The Washington University PIKERS are in the mastering stage of their latest project...WEEKEND EDITION has recorded another session for CD and cassette production entitled "Lonely At The Top." Trying to schedule between Knoxville, Chicago and St. Louis, and practicing at the airport had to be tough. They are definitely out there somewhere...RONDO'S BLUES DELUXE duped demo cassettes...The Washington University GREENLEAFS have completed their latest calcium-enriched recording project called "Fresh Frozen Greenleafs"...BITCH 'n' MOAN manufactured CDs called "Silicone Messiah"...Bob Baker and ROOMFULL OF JIMMYS are working on overdubs on their latest endeavor...TROY JACKSON is still recording, doing his usual thing...THE STUBBLEFIELD BAND is in the studio with producer Mike Youngberg, working on their 2nd CD project with Matt Taul, Vocals; Bob Oettle, Guitar & Vocals; Matt Van Voorhis, Guitar; Joe Cox, Bass; Damion Gilligan, Drums & Roger Hetge, Percussion. Brian Bailey sat in assisting Jack with verbiage utility for some of the sessions...KITTIE MOLLER produced CDs named "Quicksand"...NANCY TICKNER is working on a solo recording session and CD project with session players Dave Black on Acoustic & Electric Guitar; Tom Maloney on Bass & Slide Guitar; and Benet Schaeffer on Drums...Chris Tess of MACH 1, a spinoff of The Pikers produced cassettes...ST. LOUIS IRISH ARTS is working on a CD release recorded live in the studio, produced by Niall Gannon...CHARLES JOSEPH of Noteworthy Studio duplicated cassettes...TALENT PLUS manufactured another CD and cassette project of their voice talent...LAMORN WARD mixed and mastered for a hip-hop CD single release...Nanette Munie, Karl Zimmerman, Rick Turcotte, Glenn Gain and Jason Mueller of FIREWALK recorded and manufactured their second CD entitled "The Promise"...MARK VILCEK recorded a demo to pitch to majors...GEORGE MARTIN re-mastered and duped cassettes...RICHARD FOSTER completed the recording and manufacturing of his CD, "Low Down"...Mark Cahn of METRO recorded a pop/dance gig demo...SAMSARA mastered some tunes...KEITH WAGNER recorded a radio spot...WILLARD MAYTUBBY came in and re-mastered...Dave Roustio produced a demo session with NICK CURRIE on Violin, and Angie Roustio on Piano...BALLWIN BAPTIST CHURCH with Director Jerry Jessam, recorded a session and manufactured CDs entitled "He's My King"...ODESSA REINHARDT recorded live to 2 track, 41 Piano tunes, in 1 hour & 15 minutes, for a project entitled "Broadway Music"...STEPHAN SHICKMAN mastered some songs for pitching...BILL FREY mastered and burned CD-Rs...AIMEE SHOWERS recorded an Acoustic Harp demo...THE QUARTERHOUSE BAND manufactured a project named "Selling The Farm"...MICHELLE OSTMAN recorded a five-song demo...FLOYD LE FLORE, on Trumpet, recorded a session for an EP with Ptah Williams, Piano; Blake Travis, Conga & Vocals; Maurice Carnes, Drums; Daryl Nixon, Bass; John Norment, Sax; with Ed (Fish) Fisher producing....TIM CALLIHAN "REFLECTIONS" now called "SPECTRUM" duped demo cassettes...INLINE COMMUNICATIONS mastered to CD-ROM...Paul Wamser and the MISSISSIPPI MUDPUPPIES recorded a blues gig demo live in the studio...Jeff Swift duped NEW PATRONS OF HUSBANDRY...MARK LASHLY recorded solo piano for a movie soundtrack...DAVE VENN, Jazz Pianist, is manufacturing a CD project with Steve Schenkel, Guitar & Jay Hungerford, Bass entitled, "One, Two, Three." It's another project by jazz enthusiasts Richard McDonnell & Bill Becker...GARY JOHNSON transferred some demo stuff to A-DAT for THE STUDEBAKERS...Marimac Records manufactured CDs and cassettes of the old time string band, VOLO BOGTROTTERS...JIM MANLEY and friends, were in recording tunes for a new CD due to be released for Christmas 1998. It will be unlike anything you have ever heard before! Everyone plus their brother will be included on this one, and most of their sisters as well...THE END...P.S. To anyone we missed, oops! Sorry.

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