Please take a moment to reflect upon your life, your band, and your future.

Which of these statements best describes you?
a) Our band has a billboard on the Information Superhighway.
b) Our band got stuck in traffic on Highway 40 on our way to our last gig.
And which of these?
a) Our band has an e-mail address.
b) Our drummer bit the mailman last week.
And these?
a) We get lots of hits on our web site, sell lots of our CD's and have tons of fans.
b) We hit the pavement with flyers for our band, and still no one shows up to see us play.

If you picked all a's, get outta here and go visit our site.

If you picked some b's...well, I hate to break it to you, but the technological revolution is passing you by. Don't even give me that "So what?" look! Think about it - how many people currently listen to, or have the chance to be exposed to your music? Not nearly enough, I'm sure. If you are happy with the exposure you get, well, fine. You don't need any help from me. But if you would like to be heard and adored by millions of people...this is the Information Age. Take advantage of it.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 million people in the United States have access to the World Wide Web. This number will likely double by the year 2000. That's 30 million people who just might like your music and buy your CD, cassette, T-shirt, dirty socks...whatever. But they will never find you if you don't get out there with a web site.

If someone in your band has a computer and a modem, getting a simple web site out there is pretty easy. There are lots of web sites that can give you help on the technical how-to's. (We link to some of them, if it helps! Do you have kids? Do you make them program the VCR for you? Ask - they just might know how to write HTML.

If you would like to check out some other bands' web sites before leaping into your own, but you don't know anyone with internet access ­ go back to college or befriend a college student...since most colleges provide some level of free internet access to their students. Or get a library card. Both the city and county public libraries provide free internet access to their patrons. Or go to SoHo on South Grand; you can drink coffee and surf the web (for a fee).

REMEMBER: You do NOT have to HAVE A COMPUTER at home TO HAVE A WEB SITE. You need a computer to see your web site, or to create a web site yourself, but you don't need one to have a web site. If you have no desire to learn about the web, and no other need to buy a computer, or just have no time to put a site together, HIRE SOMEONE to do it for you. Again, college students can be useful here. If it's someone who likes your music they might even slap a site together for you in exchange for a pizza and a six-pack. If you are getting a CD done here, talk to us about a web site. We'll already have your band photos and CD artwork on the computer, and getting them ready for the web is pretty simple.

Once you have a site, PROMOTE THE HECK OUT OF IT. Register with every search engine you can find. Search engines help people find you! E-mail us, and anyone else you know with a site and ask them to link to your site. (Keep in mind that it's polite to also provide a link to their site from yours.) Link with other bands; link with anybody who will let you. Put the address on your T-shirts, CD's, cassettes, stickers, underwear, whatever...just put it everywhere and anywhere it might be seen.

If you just can't see having your own web site, there are still ways that the internet can help promote your music. The St. Louis Concert Web lists musical goings-on in St. Louis and thereabouts. The Internet Underground Music Archive will post a photo, contact information and song samples for you. Dozens of other sites will post your schedule, or samples of your music. Check our links page for links to these sites and others.

Look, the web is an incredible means of reaching the world. Music is still kinda slow to download over the internet, but it's getting faster all the time. In a few years, with more people using the web to find and purchase new music, a web site will be almost expected, like a phone number or mailing address is now. Right now it is easy and fairly cheap to establish a presence on the Information Superhighway. By the year 2001, when Bill Gates owns the Northern Hemisphere, I can't guarantee how easy or cheap it will be to get on-line. Do it now.

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