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Spring 1999

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   Recording Studio News

BULL HARMAN recorded a new project for CD release called "Bull's-Eye." On the recording were 1999 Grammy Award winner Alison Krauss, Tammy Harman, Stacy Harman, Lori Harman Cummins, Rhonda Vincent, Bob Black, Cecil Tinon, Rob McDonnell, 4 Sisters & A Cousin, Tina Adair, Keith Adair, Kevin Liley, Kirk Brandenberger and of course, Bull Harman ...KATIE McMAHON, the principal lead vocalist in Riverdance tracked seven songs for a CD release entitled "After The Morning" on Paradigm Records ...We remastered a JOHN PIZZARELLI TRIO recording. John uses all seven strings on his guitar (most don't even use six), Ray Kennedy on piano and Martin Pizzarelli on bass...STILLWATER recorded tracks and mixed for a follow up CD to "State Line" ...DAN POTTHAST, frontman for ska kings MU 330, recorded a solo CD scheduled for release on Asian Man Records ...BELLA WOLF finished up a few tracks including one on a compilation by KDHX-FM 88.1 ...Also in recording for the compilation were COUSIN CURTIS AND THE CASH REBATES with Lindell Blackford on mandolin; Emily Buckhannon on fiddle; Dennis Buckhannon on guitar; Forest Rose on bass; Curtis Buckhannon on mandolin ...We remastered a CD project by Irish Harpist, KIM ROBERTSON ...BEPPE GAMBETTA, Italian guitarist, has recorded a brand new recording ...And Italian mandolinist CARLO AONZO recorded a project as well but good thing Beppe was around to help with English. Carlo had only been in the U.S. for one week. I'll bet I couldn't speak as much Italian in a month! ...POLARIS recorded in Dave's kitchen with the pots and pans. It's called "Dave's Kitchen" ...HARVEST MINISTRY came in to record their first full-length CD and cassette project entitled "The River is Here." They have also recorded their second project called "Acoustic Praise" ...REGGIE VANDERSON did a hip-hop single for video release ...RX BLUES completed a full-length CD release entitled "Mississippi Moses" ...Undisputed heavyweights of "biker a capella" EXPANDED SOUND just completed a new golf-themed disc which included a real live, pizza-and-beer-swilling, in-studio audience ...BUTCHWAX AND THE HOLLYWOODS' recorded their second CD project, which is available from the bandstand...SEVEN DAYS from Columbia produced their first CD called "Eleven Hills in the Rolling Fog." ...CORE mastered and released their EP called "Vision of What's to Come." ...DR. WU of Effingham, IL had us master and duplicate their first Rock & Soul Revue EP entitled "Fingerpoppin'" ...JOHNNY MAGNET finished their project for CD release entitled, "Still Life With Strap On." It would be a very special gift for Mom ...ROBYNN RAGLAND recorded a tune for the show Dawson's Creek ...DR. ZHIVEGAS produced CDs entitled "Shake It Boom." ...The classical guitar duo of KIRK HANSER AND JOHN McCLELLAN finished their recording and mixing and mixing and mixing. The CD is entitled "Jongo, Music of South America for Two Guitars." The title cut was written by Paulo Bellinati whom we recorded a few months earlier. Power chords through a Marshall stack anyone? ...Clarinetist LYNN ZIMMER enlisted us to perform a live remote recording of the Grand Opening show of the Country Club Hotel in Lake Ozark, MO. The resulting album features "Yakety Sax" legend BOOTS RANDOLPH ...BILL LYNN formerly of Psychopath tracked solo demos ...We finished our second blues compilation for BLUE SUIT RECORDS called "Hastings Street Grease - Volume 1." It's a cool comp of Detroit blues musicians ...ODESSA REINHARDT arrived in August for her yearly solo piano recording ...Full-time software engineer VENKY hired us to do some final mixing, mastering and CD duplication of a contemporary India-flavored dance project in two languages. It'll make your 0s and 1s dance ...STEVE PECARO mixed some tracks recorded at his own place ...JOHN WALL, formerly of The Jonathan House, recorded some acoustic guitar solo demos ...REV. WILLARD MAYTUBBY brought his gospel recordings in for mastering and duplication ...DIANNE MORAN did an Ozark Hills storytelling cassette featuring Mark Holland of Autumn's Child on Cedar Flute. Dianne's project "At My Grandfathers Knee" can be purchased at the St. Louis Zoo gift shop ...GRANDPA'S GHOST completed their album "The Kiss." Part two of the trilogy will begin tracking soon. I guess there's a third, duh! ...Internationally-acclaimed pianist and Steinway-honored artist ALDO MANCINELLI was in recording classical pieces on a nine-foot Steinway rental. Next, he's off to continue recording in Prague, then off to mix in London. That's the life! ...ROSA STRING WORKS BAND completed a second project, entitled "Heavenly Music." ...SIRIUS was serious about duplicating their new CD "Beautiful Day" with us ...BILL BAY has just completed mixing an exhaustive 2-disc set called "Mastering the Guitar 2B" for Mel Bay Publications. They've started on the next one already, various adjectives please! ...LEAMON BAZIL led a big group of urban rappers and hip hoppers to our studio to lay some tracks for an upcoming album ...MIKE KOVAC recorded smoothy big jazz tunes with a bunch of timely sub-harmonic musician dudes for a CD project to get distribution. ARVELL is doing the suave artist thing ...TERRY DONLEY is continuing to record tunes ...Former Firewalk-er NANETTE MUNIE has completed her solo demo CD ...RON ERIKSON plays the wise writer and executive producer for former members of The Summit restaurant's house band for a jazz demo project ...Cartoon buddies VALLIUM produced discs called "First We Took St. Louis." The Arch is upside down and they are only 35 cents in Zimbabwe. We are acting like we're not even confused at all ...MINDTRAP has produced CDs with us. Just look for the very, very, very subtle color greeeeeeeeen ...NU Millennium Productions' JOHNNY O'NEAL manufactured discs on one project called "Live From St. Louis" and is recording some new material with Zelphia Robinson, vocals; Jeffrey Anderson, bass; Johnny O'Neal, piano; Montez Coleman, drums (Montez played drums in the Lincoln High School Jazz Band that we recorded nine or so years ago) ...STUBBLEFIELD has finished their new CD "Less Traveled." It's in stores now ...JIM MANLEY gave us the gift that will keep on giving with his new "Christmas Unwrapped" CD. If you have the nerve, you can listen to it more than once. Contributing on the project were (hold your breath): Scott Alspach, Dave Black, Charlie Boehme, John Carney, Scott Collier, Bob Dill, Don Drewett, Daryl Ecsedy, Bill Elrod, Dave Fowler, Mark Friedrich, The Gas House Gang, Kirk Hanser, J. Hayes, Mark Holland, Larry Johnson, Glenn Meyer, Mark Nast, Jack Petracek, Andy Ploof, Dan Potter, Bill Schulenburg, Kurt Silver, Brett Stamps, Greg Trampe, Ray Vollmar and Rick Zelle. Upon overhearing part of a cut, our Fed Ex man Ken exclaimed, "Damn. That's really whack!" ...STYLE completed recording and mixing a CD ...SWEET FELLOWSHIP recorded their first CD project ...THE AMBASSADORS OF HARMONY's giant all-male, all-a capella chorus began a new recording project on location ...Banjo player JEFF MILLER recorded a CD project with Jim Nelson on guitar and Rhys Jones from Chicago, on fiddle ...JOSH ROWAN mastered with Jack and manufactured CDs entitled "Torch" ...BOB BAILEY TRIO recorded a demo ...Local ska up-and-comers THE KINETICS recorded a track for a Jumpstart Records compilation ...As everyone knows, the Pope his little 'ol self was in town, so the cathedral choirs got together and sang for him. PETE DERENSKI of Woodgate Productions recorded them live at the Cathederal Basilica of St. Louis. JOHN ROMERI had us produce the CD project in half a flash ...Vocalist NATALIE DELUCIA recorded some new demos ...ONE FELL SWOOP recorded some new tunes with new bassist Mike Tiefenbrun ...ANDY GLOVER produced a project called "On The Bandstand!" featuring The Town Square Cornet Band ...PIECES OF 8 with Jackie Mollet engineering, mixed some tracks for a video project ...SCOTT GOODMAN is tracking a solo acoustic album ...THE COLGATE RESOLUTIONS vocalized CDs called "All Kidding Aside." ...PAM HOLLIDAY recorded and manufactured a cassette project with Dan Rhoten doing the arrangement thing...Mark Cahn with THE METRO DANCE BAND booked time for another gig demo in January to try to make the newsletter once again ...Guitarist and songwriter DON HALL restored old tapes and did overdubs on his solo demos ...THE GAS HOUSE GANG is continuing to record a Christmas and beyond project. The last recording took 2.4 years. When will they be finished do you think? At one year, we'll have to say later, they'll have to say sooner. We might know by the next newsletter ...We manufactured CDs for the MARCELINE JAZZ BAND called "Side Show." ...SID SIDNEY did a CD single project including the massive hit song entitled "Do The Computer" (Boot 'em up, boot 'em up) ...THE VICTORIA COMPANY produced another project entitled "Holiday Greetings" for HERB DRURY AND JERRY CHERRY ...We produced a CD project for NCCV of California entitled "Gozando LaVida." Thanks to the group VERITAS IN CANTICO who have just completed their second project ...JIM WHETZEL recorded a demo of Mountain Dulcimer tunes
 ...CHARLES CALLAHAN, organist premier, is performing on another live Pete Derenski-recorded project for the Wicks Organ Company ...Upstart country rockers ASHTRAY recorded an EP "Jessie" and are back putting their second project together ...LONGSHOT mastered their home-brewed recording for CD "More Trees Than Traffic." ...BLUE MUSE mastered ...DENISE THIMES had us master a live recording of swingin' jazz for a CD release entitled "Singapore Nights." ...ST. MARGARET OF SCOTLAND CHOIR began recording another project

If a millennium is a unit of 1000 years, and that's not the year 2000 like some people think, wouldn't you be 20 years old on your 21st birthday?

If you booked 15 hours of studio time wouldn't you only have to pay for 14 hours?

I'm really confused...

 ...From Brazil, one of the premier classical guitarists, PAULO BELLINATI, recorded a live in-the-studio project ...We remixed, mastered and manufactured DAVE VENN's CD "One, Two, Three" with Steve Schenkel and Jay Hungerford ...ADAM DELMONTE guitarist extremo from California recorded a video project live ...RICH SIMMONS recorded some new demo material ...PENNSYLVANIA SLIM finished recording and released a CD, "59 Cadillac." ...THE CHIA BAND with George Geschwend, clarinet; Don Cole, trumpet; Bill Ulkus, trombone; Bill Wolters, drums; Tom Gann, guitar; Brian Keck, bass, were also in recording for the KDHX-FM compilation ...JAZZWORLD produced a CD project called "Sampler Volume One" a really great idea. It's a compilation of individual jazz groups that have product left over in the back of their bedroom closets and basements. They finally got tired of tripping over all the boxes. Each group includes one sample song to make it easy for the prospective buyer to make their decision ...SAVANNAH FLOOR completed mixing and mastering of their new CD "Lucy." ...THE MUNY TEENS recorded and mixed some new soundtracks for this season ...JERKWATER JUNCTION recorded stuff...STEVE ROBINSON AND FRIENDS recorded a jazz project and produced a CD called "Leanne's Dance." Along for the ride were: Charlie Glenn, vocals; Jayme Barnard, tenor sax; Eddie Plitt, keyboards; Art Ruprecht, guitar; Keith Turner, keyboards; Gus Buehner, bass; Joe Weber, drums and last but not least (since he's paying cash money to the hired guys) Steve Robinson, trumpet/fluegel ...VIRGIL FRANKLIN came in to record a Christian rap album ...Music director STEPHEN MAGER had us dupe CDs of his classic works "Joy For Every Age." ...The Washington University MOSAIC WHISPERS released their CD "Don't Tell My Parents." Also from the learning gates, THE AMATEURS, THE GREENLEAFS and THE PIKERS have also been recording new albums ...While we're doing .edu, writer, arranger, etc. Neal Frederiksen had us master two live CD projects for THE URSULINE ACADEMY CHORUS AND MADRIGAL SINGERS...13 AFTER brought a 16-track project to us for mixdown and mastering ...Dave Black's BRILLIANT CORNERS made it in for the KDHX compilation ...STEPHEN SCORFINA did CDs with us entitled "Polychrome Love Songs."...BIBOWATS came in and mixed ...ALAN NEMES recorded publishing demos ...And oh yeah, THE BOTTLE ROCKETS were in with New York producer ERIC "ROSCOE" AMBEL to do some pre-production work on their new album. For anyone we may have missed or for misguided information ­ we did it on purpose, sorry.


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